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Upstate NY Restaurant Saves $137K

How Silverlake Family Restaurant Did It!

Located in Warsaw, New York, the Silverlake Family Restaurant was established in 1990 and is owned and operated by the Gitsis family.


“Our family has a long history in the restaurant industry, we are veterans in diner style restaurants in the Rochester New York area,” states Nick Gitsis. 

The restaurant is a Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner establishment. Famously known for its comfort food, American and Greek style dining, with a very large menu selection.


Nick explains that “one of the challenges with running a restaurant, with such a large menu selection, is managing over 500 ingredient items that are purchased on a weekly basis from a variety of vendors. Being able to shop for the best pricing on everything we buy was very difficult. It would literally take half a day to place our orders. We just didn’t have the time to compare prices, and the labor issue hasn’t made it any easier. We found ourselves just giving the same items to the same vendors week-after-week. This led to higher food costs and the inability to procure products from all our vendors.” 


Nick was introduced to the MyOrderPlacer software through the Pan Gregorian Enterprises of upstate New York. 

“When we started using the MyOrderPlacer software, we were able to easily expand our product lists from each vendor and also add a couple other strategic vendors. The ease of the procurement and pricing process resulted in considerable savings.” 


“We have seen improved pricing as the vendors are now competing for our business. The software has reports that show history and spend data for whatever date range we select. It has a dashboard that shows us how much we are saving and also notifies us of price changes. Having all the important information in one place has made us better-informed restaurant operators.


When placing orders, I see all vendor prices side-by-side, in real-time, and choose which has the best price on the item I want... For example fryer oil, I see the price from 4 different vendors as I select the quantity I need, allowing me to choose which vendor has the best price, resulting in substantial price and time savings for me. 

In addition, I can delegate purchasing to my staff. They can place the orders and leave it in the shopping carts so I can send them through to all vendors after a quick review, giving me more power while being remote.” 

Looking ahead:

“We are looking to maintain our position and slowly expand out of the Covid-19 impacted environment."

Schedule a call with us today to see if MyOrderPlacer could help your business

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