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#1 Software for Diners & Family Restaurants

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Consolidate & Save

Consolidate all your supplier bids into one customizable order guide. One Order Guide. One Shopping Cart. Real Time Savings.

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  • Customize your guide.
  • Streamline your process.
  • Save Time & Money!
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Purchase Intelligently

Generate purchasing reports and keep your suppliers and employees honest. See item trends and real time price variance across all your suppliers.

Maintain High Quality

It's not always about price. Customize every single order guide item. Choose preferred brands, specs, suppliers, and more. Set it and forget it.

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Join our family of successful diners & family restaurants!

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Why Consolidate Online Ordering?

​Everyone's preferences are different, so MyOrderPlacer is designed to fit into your existing operation. Customize. Streamline. Save.​

  • This is not a buying group. You add the suppliers you want to do business with. Period.

  • Purchase exactly what you want. You control your item and order guide preferences.

  • Price comparison. Determine the items you'd like to shop between your suppliers, and let your software do the rest.

  • Send orders electronically. Build one order that includes all your suppliers. Send your order to everyone with one click.

  • Keep everyone honest. Automatically generate purchase orders, so you can verify you are receiving exactly what you ordered at the right price.

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